Sunday, January 24, 2010

Todays Murli Essence

When you reach your karmateet stage you will go to the land of Vishnu. Only the children who pass with honours become karmateet.

Both Bap and Dada make the effort to make you children worthy of heaven, completely virtuous and 16 celestial degrees full. It is as though you have received a double engine. He teaches you such a wonderful study that you claim your sovereignty for 21 births.

In order to watch the scenes of bloodshed without cause at the end, you Shiv Shaktis have to become very fearless. By having remembrance of the Almighty Authority you can take power from Him.

True spiritual service is to become pure and make others pure. The whole effort is in remembrance. Remember Me and you change from impure to pure and grow to be satopradhan. Become doubly non-violent. Be a stick for the blind and show everyone the way home.

BLESSING: May you be a soul who is constantly merged in love – lost in love - and, while doing service, experience yourself to be racing with experiences of remembrance.

SLOGAN: To accept success means to finish your reward for the future.

- Om Shanti -

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  1. ~~*8*~~ Om Shanti ~~*8*~~

    Warm, Humble, Loving & Divine Regards, Salutes & Eternal Waves & Baba's Imperishable Blessings in the Infinite Ocean of Peace towards you Brother Karunaji !

    In Baba's Silent Sweet Remembrance,

    John Bhai

    The Netherlands

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